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Who is HRD Corps

Humanitarian Radiology Development Corps (HRD Corps) is a volunteer based charity organization focused on improving the lives of the underserved population throughout the world by building healthcare capacity through our expertise and resources in medical imaging. Each member of the team brings their own individual expertise to help accommodate the HRD Corps. vision of global qualify health care. The vision of HRD Corp is to aid in building imaging programs and to have them be 100% independent, locally operated and funded as well as staffed by locals. Our expertise is in medical imaging however, we work with our partners to build and improve all components of a clinical program. The process of engagement begins with developing in-country partners and friendships. It is through the lens of locals that we gain an accurate understanding of their needs and problems to overcome. Likewise, it is with our in-country partners that we create a vision and pathway to improve healthcare.

We can help people build a better future for themselves and their families.