HRD Corps is committed to numerous projects across Haiti. Currently we are working with eleven hospitals and two universities. The projects range from training seminars which include lectures as well as hands on training with imaging equipment to connecting radiology residents with our other charity hospital partners. After an initial assessment of the specific needs, HRD Corp donates equipment and provides training with the goal of each project to be run independently by local physicians and health care workers. The largest donation in Haiti is ultrasound machines, Ultrasound has the highest impact of imaging needs for a low income country. Thus far HRD Corps has donated twelve ultrasound systems across Haiti. Equally important, we provide the repairs and service engineering support to assure our equipment remains operational. HRD Corp has a broad vision to convert Haitian radiology to a digital imaging system which will overall help reduce cost as well as the great advantage to securely share images for teaching, research and clinical consultation. With the goal of digital conversion this will have direct impact to the people of Haiti as their prior imaging can be viewed and used for comparisons throughout any part of Haiti. HRD Corp has successfully installed two PACS systems in Haitian hospitals.

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We are excited to be a part of improving women’s health care in Bolivia by promoting early detection of breast cancer. Currently, we have a team assisting with educating and empowering women to do self-breast exams and get screening mammography. HRD Corp is working with a local Bolivian hospital to create a mobile mammography/ breast ultrasound program. With this mobile unit, women in rural parts of Bolivia will have the opportunity to have access to affordable mammograms and breast ultrasounds. The goal is early detection to improve the outcome for each patient. With the support of community members as well as physicians ranging from general practitioners, surgeons and oncologists we have a hope and vision that breast mammography screenings, ultrasounds, biopsies and chemotherapy/radiation treatments can be accessible to all women in Bolivia.