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Serving Sante: a Haitian Charity in Cap Haitien
HRD Corps has donated 2 hand-held VistaScan ultrasounds to Serving Sante, a very busy Haitian Charity in Cap Haitien focused on Obstetrical care for the poor. The devices cleared customs last week and were received by Serving Sante on Monday. HRD Corps is delighted to be working with Serving Sante and is looking forward to expanding our projects with Konbit Sante
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AMX4 Portable X-Ray Machines
Chest X-ray shot with one the two recently donated AMX4 portable X-ray machines. Two machines on-site allows for built-in redundancy. The impact for patient care is huge where the poverty is staggering and options are nonexistent.
La Paix: Sequioa Ultrasound Donations
A donated Sequoia Ultrasound being used by one of the obstetrics/gynecology residents. We donated 2 Sequoias to La Paix in December 2019. La Paix is a public hospital in Port au Prince and the OB residency moved there in the summer of 2019 when the political and gang situation deteriorated
X-Ray Machines Arrive in Bienfaisance!
An awesome day as the portable X-ray machines arrive at Bienfaisance hospital in Pignon. The world is falling apart with coronavirus, but for Haiti, that ain’t nothing!
DotMed Health Care Business News interview with Dr. Berndt Schmit

Recent Projects

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”  -Maya Angelou

Humanitarian Radiology Development Corps (HRD Corps) is a medical charity organization dedicated to improving health care for the underserved population of the world. HRD Corps is organized exclusively for charitable donations of radiology equipment, education, consultation and services. 

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Our vision is to help achieve autonomous sustainable improvement for our clients and their patients.


HRD Corps provides free direct training of clinicians, residents, nurses and imaging technologists. Education includes didactic lectures, webinars, as well as hands on training with the equipment that has been donated.


We help build clinical services for hospitals caring for underserved populations free of charge. This can include establishing guidelines for ultrasound imaging, CT scans or helping to develop a breast cancer-screening program. Likewise, we help build indigenous training programs such as a radiology technologist schools.


HRD Corps donates imaging equipment such as ultrasound machines, CT scanners, X-Ray and Mammography equipment as well as donations of the engineering and repair services to maintain all of the equipment.  HRD Corps evaluates the full aspect of needs and individual obstacles to range from educating communities of their own healthcare, medical imaging and surgical follow-ups. 

Take action, change a life!

We can help people build a better future by improving global quality health care.