HRD Corps is committed to numerous projects across Haiti. Currently we are working with eleven hospitals and two universities. The projects range from training seminars which include lectures as well as hands on training with imaging equipment to connecting radiology residents with our other charity hospital partners. After an initial assessment of the specific needs, HRD Corp donates equipment and provides training with the goal of each project to be run independently by local physicians and health care workers. The largest donation in Haiti is ultrasound machines, Ultrasound has the highest impact of imaging needs for a low income country. 

Thus far HRD Corps has donated twelve ultrasound systems across Haiti. Equally important, we provide the repairs and service engineering support to assure our equipment remains operational. HRD Corp has a broad vision to convert Haitian radiology to a digital imaging system which will overall help reduce cost as well as the great advantage to securely share images for teaching, research and clinical consultation. With the goal of digital conversion this will have direct impact to the people of Haiti as their prior imaging can be viewed and used for comparisons throughout any part of Haiti. HRD Corp has successfully installed two PACS systems in Haitian hospitals.


Justinien Hospital

Cap Haitien

Bienfaisance Hospital

Fond des Blancs

Caracol Clinic


St Francois de Sale Hospital

Port au Prince

Hopital Universite d’Etate d’Haiti (HUEH)

Port au Prince


Port au Prince

2017-2018 Assessment

HRD Corps teams made numerous trips to Haiti during 2017 -2018 and toured various Hospitals and Clinics. This is a brief summary of our observations from a radiology perspective. Our survey is provided in good faith with the intention to provide guidance for those who seek to understand and help.

  1. St Boniface Hospital, Private, Fond des Blancs.

They had one X-ray room with CR and a CR reader connected to a laptop computer. They had 4 functioning donated ultrasound machines, they were a variety of newer models. They view digital images on the modality laptops, they have no PACS. They have an American bioengineer on staff. He is training 7 Haitians to become bioengineers through a program funded by a grant from GE. The grant and training ended 2019.

  1. St Francois de Sale Hospital, Private, Port au Prince

They have one functioning very old X-ray room in the outpatient area. They shoot film. They do not have a film library. After the 2010 earthquake, a new hospital was built in 2014. This included a donated radiology department with refurbished equipment. The department has a Radiology – Fluoroscopy room and a X-ray room, both of these are broken. They have one CR reader which was broken.  The original donor organization in the USA has dissolved and they have been unable to find product parts or support.  They have their own bioengineers. They also have 2 functioning donated used console sized ultrasound machines in the department. They have a donated PACS which is not being used. It is unclear if this PACS was ever functional or used.

  1. Caracol Clinic, Private, Caracol

Is a private charity clinic opened in June 2018 for primary care. They are expanding to build operating rooms, dental services and imaging.  They have one functioning donated Sequoia Ultrasound. There is a new donated 2 slice helical Philips CT scanner on site but not installed or operational.  The CT was delivered in October 2016.

  1. Justinien Hospital, Public, Cap Haitien

They have one radiography room which is quite old. They use film. They have two broken portable X-ray machines. They have several different functioning donated ultrasound machines kept locked away. There are several broken ultrasound machines. There is no training program or clear source for parts, service and repair.

  1. Hopital Provident Gonaives, Public, Gonaives

They have two functioning refurbished ultrasound machines. They have a functioning X-ray room and shoot film. They have a new donated 2 slice helical Philips CT scanner on-site but not installed or operational. The CT was delivered in October 2016.

  1. Hopital Universite d’Etate d’Haiti (HUEH), Public, Port au Prince

They have one functioning X-ray room and one functioning donated Sequoia ultrasound. They have one broken X-ray room and several broken ultrasound machines. There is no technologist training program. There are bioengineers on staff, but no clear process for maintenance, service and repair of their equipment. They shoot film. There is no film library.

  1. Partners in Health Hosptial, Private, Miribalais

They have a mobile CT scanner designed for intra-operative scanning. This was broken at the time of our visit, and apparently is often in need of repair, perhaps due to the high volume of cases performed. They had 8 donated ultrasound machines, 4 were broken. They had 2 radiology rooms and both were broken. They had two portable X-ray machines.  They had a bioengineer on staff. But he is unable to repair the equipment and unable to obtain parts.

  1. Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Private, Deschapelles

They have a very old X-ray room which shoots CR images. They have one CR reader which is out of spec and the plain films are very blurry. They view the images on computers which are networked together to the CR reader computer. This computer holds several days of images. They have a electronic medical record system, but no PACS. They have 3 functioning donated ultrasound machine; one portable and two console sized machines. There is no technologist training program.

  1. Bienfaisance Hosptial, Private, Pignon

They have a broken C-arm in their operating room. They have 3 functioning donated console sized ultrasound machines, each is a different model. They have a broken X-ray room. They have a broken portable X-ray machine. They shoot film and have no film library.

  1. Canape Vert Hospital, Private, Port au Prince

They used to have a CT scanner, but the building and equipment was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. They have a working X-ray room. They shoot CR and print to laser film. They have no PACS. They have 2 functioning ultrasound machines, one is cardiac capable.

  1. Fort Liberte Hospital, Public, Fort Liberte

They have an X-ray room. We could not verify if it was functional. The dark room had no chemicals or film at the time of our visit. They had one very old ultrasound machine which would turn on. They have one functioning probe but the images were uninterpretably poor. There was no bioengineer, and no one knew how to source equipment, film, chemicals, parts or service.

  1. Chancerelle Hospital, Public, Port au Prince

This is the main Obstetrical hospital of Port au Prince. They had 2 broken very old ultrasound machines. There is no functioning ultrasound. There is no X-ray, or PACS.  No one knew how to get parts, service or repairs for the broken ultrasound machines.

  1. GHESKIO, Private, Port au Prince

They have multiple facilities. The main facility in Port au Prince has a X-ray room which shoot CR and has a mini-PACS system for storing images. They have an old partially functional console sized ultrasound machine. There is a separate campus, IMIS, which is for multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis patients and has a functioning portable X-ray and a functioning X-ray room. Both shoot to CR and store to the same mini-PACS system that is at main campus. The internet at both campuses is quite poor and often limits image transmission.

  1. St Damien Hospital, Private, Port au Prince

This is the pediatric charity hospital of Port au Prince. They have a functioning Neuro CT scanner that can only do heads scans. They have a functioning PACS system which they use. They have a functioning X-ray room using CR. They have several functioning console sized donated ultrasound machines. They have bioengineers on staff.

  1. St Luke Hospital, Private, Port au Prince

They have a partially installed helical CT scanner which had incorrect parts and was awaiting replacement. They have a functioning PACS system.  This hospital is operated in conjunction with St Damien, our tour was abbreviated. They have Xray. They had ultrasound coming.